March of Dimes: Working Together for Stronger, Healthier Babies



We were pleased to have the March of Dimes sponsor our most recent PSMM Workshop. March of Dimes began as the “National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis,” under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The main focus was to tackle the polio epidemic, a cause near to President Roosevelt’s own life. With research, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis created the vaccine that ended the spread of polio.

Thankfully, the mission of (the presently-named) March of Dimes has not stopped there! Upon launching the polio vaccination, March of Dimes continued the fight for healthy babies and children. In the years since it’s inception, they have worked tirelessly to help mothers have healthier pregnancies as well as preventing birth defects and premature births. Over 4 million babies were born last year and March of Dimes touched each one of them through research, education, vaccines and medical breakthroughs.

We look forward to a new campaign March of Dimes is launching called imbornto. “I’m born to run, I’m born to dance, I’m born to teach.” This campaign will tap into collective and individual hopes, dreams and aspirations. Every baby is born for something great and no matter what you were born to do, March of Dimes helped you get there.

A very important milestone is on the horizon for 2013, the 75th Anniversary of March of Dimes. Few actually achieve this birthday, corporate or nonprofit. March of Dimes will be taking this opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and educate the public about how the organization has truly changed the fabric of families, babies and the nation.

To find out more about he Southeastern PA chapter of March of Dimes, you can visit their website or reach out to them on Twitter  and Facebook.


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