National Center for Learning Disabilities Luncheon #Dyslexia

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A few weeks ago PSMM members attended a luncheon to learn about the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), hosted by two Philly Social Media Moms, Colleen Padilla and Whitney Wingerd with Dr. Sheldon Horowitz leading a discussion about learning disabilities and how parents can find much needed support and information on

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Gina, author of Mom-Blog, shares the following:

Traditionally, people think of a learning disability as something that comes hand-in-hand with a type of condition such as autism or Down syndrome.  In reality, that is not an accurate description.  According to NCLD, learning disabilities are “a group of varying disorders that have a negative impact on learning.”  Neuro-typical children can have learning disabilities and thus have difficulty learning in traditional settings, leading to high levels of high school and college drop out rates.

For more about the event and the information shared, read her entire post, What is Learning Disability? National Center for Learning Disabilities Luncheon #Dyslexia.

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