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Sherry Aikens

Sherry’s blog, SuperExhausted, is a glimpse in to her life of family, cooking, weight-loss/fitness and photography. She is also a work-at-home mom of 2, running her web-based superhero business, Babypop. Sherry and her successful Babypop business have been featured on Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Parenting, Fox TV, HGTV and Philadelphia Inquirer. Sherry also speaks on the topic of small business at pod camps and blogging conferences. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Judee Algazi

Judee is a gluten free vegetarian blogger who lives a natural lifestyle, blogs about it, and shares recipes and resources. Long term resident of Bucks County, Judee just retired from a fulfilling career teaching high school where her focus was always to help kids experience success. Judee loves food, the beach, hot weather, travel, personal development, yoga, meditation, music, and her family and grand kids ( not necessarily in that order). Email Blog Twitter Pinterest

Beth Allen

Beth Allen is the founder of HIP Chicks, The DIY Resource for Women. This energetic, fun loving, passionate chick is a former RN, stay at home mom of 3 boys, interior designer and long time Do-It-Yourselfer. She is on a mission to empower women to be smart, capable and confident homeowners. Beth makes DIY fun, affordable and easy with blogs, videos and workshops. Her first DIY book, just for us gals, is in the works! Email   Website   Blog    Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Colleen Allison

Chronicling my adventures in selling & buying antiques at yard sales, flea markets and auctions on my blog, freshvintage, which is somewhere between Antiques Roadshow and The Soup. My vintage-picking husband and I sell our farm-fresh finds at our new freshvintage shop, located at Highland Orchards in West Chester, PA. Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter

jess150x150Jess Ambrose

My name is Jess, and yes…I’m a ginger and I’m a mess. I’m a proud momma to three beautiful daughters (age 4, 7, and 10) and wife to one handsome, incredible, wonderful and sometimes infuriating husband, whom I will call Mr. Clean. My life is a beautiful mess. I wear many hats: mother, wife, student, teacher, resident I.T. person, crafter, DIYer, cook, maid, gardener, chauffeur, Miss Fix-it, and Miss I have to find everything because nobody else can find it unless it jumps out and bites them! ..etc. On any given day, whether I just cleaned (or Mr. Clean just did) our home is a mess. It’s filled with papers from crafts my children did, scraps of fabric from projects I completed, or crumbs from one of my newest culinary concoctions. I love to create lovely works of art for those I love, whether it’s some old windows I turned into a family tree, a delicious meal to warm my family’s tummies, or to crocheting a Phillies purse…My life is a mess…but it’s mine, and it’s beautiful. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter    Pinterest

Jen AndersonJen Anderson, Once Upon a Time Creation

Transform your gently worn treasures into beautiful, functional keepsakes. Give the gift your loved one will treasure for the holidays, graduation, and every special occasion. We offer memory blankets, pillows, lovies, bags, ornaments, stockings, and christening and communion dresses. We also specialize in Remembrance Gifts for families that are grieving by creating lasting keepsakes from their loved one’s clothing. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

Stephanie Anderson

Steph chronicles her adventures through blogging, life, marriage, cooking, parenting and bringing sexy back, but not necessarily in that order. You can find her at Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

Melissa Angert

Melissa authors the popular mom blog Girlymama and is founder and editor of All Things Chic, bringing real style to real moms. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Linda ArceoLinda Arceo

Linda Arceo is the brains and heart behind Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps™. Linda has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Writing. She uses her writing skills daily as a grant writer/fundraiser by day and until recently was a regular contributor to a local mom’s magazine. In addition to writing, Linda loves to cook. In February 2012 she won the Woman’s Day Magazine National Chili Cook-Off in the Best Beef Chili category. She descrives herself as an untrained, amateur chef and takes great pleasure cooking for her family and friends. Linda is also a connoisseur of craft beers and as a former, college bartender she can make a mean cocktail. Linda is married, has two young boys and two amazing little yorkshire terriers. In addition to cooking and writing, Linda loves to travel, know the words to way too many songs and has a major shoe addiction. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

NicholeNichole Armstrong

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Jennifer Auer

An overachieving, never-sleeping, hyperlocal blogger using social media to connect families to places, events, and products that help them have fun together. Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

melindaMelinda Babiak

Melinda is half of the mom & dad blogging team from LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Five years ago Melinda left the corporate world to focus on raising her children while being a SAHM. With 16 years of parenting practice to 3 kids life has provided her many experiences that are used to educate the family on morals, ethics and the difference between right and wrong. While academics are very important, a full education goes beyond books and grades. Melinda strives to raise children with good hearts, strong principles and a foundation built on love and respect for others. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter Pinterest

Gina BadalatyGina Badalaty

Gina Badalaty is the owner of, the #2 Google result for “mom blog”. Gina has been blogging about parenting, raising children with disabilities, and product reviews for nearly 10 years. She specializes in supporting and encouraging moms of children with special needs. Her blogger credentials include, American Greetings Interactive, and She loves creative writing, taking a good photo, and has recently fallen in love with Pinterest. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two gorgeous daughters, and a cat that thinks he’s a dog. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Pamela BadolatoPamela Badolato

I am the Client Relations Director for Main Line Parent, as well as a social media contributor and writer for our magazine and website. I enjoy planning and promoting our events of all sizes, and building relationships among the members of our social media community group as well as supporting local businesses. Email Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Victoria BarnesVictoria Elizabeth Barnes

My husband and I are restoring a Victorian home, outside of Philadelphia. We’re renovating it ourselves, room-by-room… It’s an entirely-DIY undertaking that is both wonderful and overwhelming. I write about the experience of living in a construction-site, DIY house-renovation, frustration, planning, indecision… And the challenge of sharing the role of general-contractor with my husband. Email   Blog   Facebook Twitter Pinterest

kristen bassickKristen Bassick

I am a serial blogger – my most recent is Keep Swimmin’ where I talk about life post-divorce with my two tween-y kids and terrible dog. I also manage social media for businesses through my consulting practice – Piece of Cake Social Media Management. I do strategy development, content curation and creation, and day-to-day management of the social media presences for a wide range of businesses. I am on social media all the time – frequently pretending to be someone else :) Email   Website   Blog   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Jessica BemisJessica L. Bemis

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Kelly BennerKelly Benner

I am the Fabulous Food Fairy, and while I am not a professionally trained chef, I am a kid tested mother of three, who teaches full-time, and still manages to cook a sit down family meal most nights of the week. I know that many days, I wish for a magic wand or a fairy godmother to pop in and make a beautiful dinner appear, but no such luck. I also realize that sometimes the hardest part of dinner is figuring out what to make, that my kids will actually eat. So, I started a blog so that other busy people in my life can hop on and not feel hopeless about dinner, or so that busy moms are not forced to resort to the local drive through or a boring bowl of cereal as a meal. Family dinner can be so much more. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Jeannette BezinqueJeannette Bezinque

Jeannette is a lifestyle blogger and stay at home mom to two daughters, Audrey and Hannah. Her background in the arts (theater, fashion, design, and music) is shaping the creative way she raises her girls. She keeps an eco-friendly home in an effort to save money and is adept at the art of simplifying. Email Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Kirsten BieljeskiKirsten Bieljeski

Kirsten is a Chester County wife and mother of one. She works part-time at Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School as a Writing Interventionist, and loves having the opportunity to share her love of writing with her students. Kirsten was an elementary teacher for eight years before becoming a mother and moving to part-time. In her free time, Kirsten loves spending time with her family, reading, and blogging. She started blogging in February of 2012 with one crazy idea; to try a new pin from her Pinterest boards each day and blog about it, and she’s loving every minute of it. Email   Blog   Facebook   Pinterest

Lauryn BlakesleyLauryn Blakesley

I am a mom, a wife, and someone that wishes there were more hours in the day! The Vintage Mom is my blog about my life as a woman and mother and our family adventures. I also co-write Community Buzz, a website that strives to foster a strong sense of community by sharing positive word-of-mouth news about all the great things going on where we live. I live in Berks County where I am a mom to three wonderful children that keep me moving AND SMILING all the time! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn

rachel blateRachel B.

I’m a wife, SAHM and blogger. I enjoy traveling, cooking, wine, the beach, shopping, TV, and am a lover of exclamation points! I blog about my life as a mom, travel, fashion and kids activities. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Blog 2   Facebook Page 2  Pinterest   Twitter 2   Google+

Sarah Bond

Sarah is a community leader, marketing and social media expert, and mom. As the publisher of Main Line Parent, she directs the print/digital magazine, website, social media, mobile application, and event operations associated with the brand. She also consults with local educational institutions and businesses, as well as national brands to help them reach Main Line and Philadelphia Western Suburban families through Main Line Parent‘s multimedia platform. When she’s not plugged in, Sarah enjoys photographing her busy kids, cuddling her fuzzy golden retriever, and biking along the Jersey shores in the summer. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Debbie BookstaberDebbie Bookstaber

Debbie Bookstaber blogs at and She is the co-chair of, a social media conference held annually in Orlando, Florida. Debbie is the Director of Social Media at Child’s Play Communications, a PR and Social Media Agency located in New York City, and the owner of Element Associates, an online marketing firm located in Paoli, PA. Debbie specializes in affiliate marketing, SEO, online advertising and social media. Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Julie Bouf

Julie hates to write, but has a lot to say. She created her blog “The Other Boufs” in 2008 to brag about how adorable and perfect her children are. She loves musical theater, traveling, and sordid romance novels and is slightly obsessed with planning vacations and the perfect birthday party. She does not enjoy cleaning. Julie juggles her family, pets, and full-time career in corporate accounting and enjoys attending family-friendly events in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. Sometimes she blog about it. Email   Blog   Twitter   Pinterest


SAHM of 9, Living our normal life, hectic & crazy, living with autism, surviving infidelity and remaining faithful. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Alissa Boyle

A magazine editor-turned-mom of the two neatest kids she knows, Alissa is always on the lookout for new ideas for kid-friendly activities, money-saving tips and new products to share on her blog Fun Finds for Families. A Wisconsin native now living in Philadelphia, she loves exploring her husband’s hometown with her family and sharing her favorite finds. She’s addicted to Pinterest, crafting, movies and an intense game of Scrabble, but is happiest at the start of a new book. It’s her dream come true to have two kids who adore reading as much as she and her husband do. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

jen bradleyJennifer Bradley

Jen Bradley (GAP writer and editor), has four great kids who provide endless inspiration for blog topics, but little time to actually write them. Passionate topics include everything from raising independent and under-scheduled kids (love) to homework (hate) to taking on the princesses (love-hate). Some of these topics are helped along by her background in Urban Education and Early Childhood Education, but most are generated by her four young muses. Jen teaches courses at several local colleges and universities. Email   Blog   Website Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Kelly Brown

Kelly is a mom, wife, writer, graphic designer, painter & illustrator, brand ambassador and bad joke enthusiast. When she’s not laughing at her own stories she writes on her blog, The Turnip Farmer, about motherhood, life and weight loss.Kelly is currently a brand ambassador for Medifast and documents her journey to lose over 100lbs on her blog. Her personal mantra is ‘Every day is a chance to try again.’ She hopes to inspire others to create and work toward their personal goals and live their best life. Kelly can also be found at Metro Kids (online and in print). She has also represented other brands such as The Diet Bet, Invisibelt, Milkbone, Abbott Nutrition, 4x Pro-B and Dial. She is also an active member of Collective Bias and Clever Girls Collective. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Mychal Brown

Mychal is the voice behind My Life In Mommyland, a blog about her life as the mother of two very active little boys. Mychal’s blog showcases a real look at motherhood, not the sugar coated version so often shared with the world. Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Tomika Bryant

Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Angelique Buckley

I am a wife, mother, and pet owner first. I am a designer. I love to eat. I love to craft. I love to write (despite my inability to keep up with it). Most of all, I’m goofy. Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Rachel ButtnerRachel Buttner

Rachel Buttner loves discovering and exploring everything to do and see in Greater Philadelphia from the heart of the city to the outskirts of the tri-state area. Her blog, Daily Vacation, is constantly updated with all of the exciting and interesting places and events she finds and hears about. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Larisha-CampbellLarisha Campbell

Larisha is the writer behind We’re Parents!? An up-and-coming family blog that explores their life with their daughter and being a natural/semi-crunchy family that cloth diapers, babywears, bedshares, breastfeeds, and more. Tons of family oriented reviews and giveaways will be found here as well! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Mindi Cherry

I’m Mindi, mom to 3, wife to 1, and bane of cashiers everywhere! Email   Blog

Shannon Choe

Shannon is the founder of Premier Baby Concierge, a Baby Planning & Maternity Concierge service established in 2007.  She is an early childhood & parenting expert, and the VP of the International Baby Planner Association.  Shannon appears regularly on “The 10! Show” on NBC Philadelphia and has been named “Best of Philly!” (Best Help for New Parents) & “Best of the Main Line” (Best Person to Know When You’re Expecting).  She is also a proud Main Line native and mom of three girls! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Beth Christian

Beth Christian is a mom, wife, lawyer and blogger who is a Burlington County editor at Jersey Bites, a blog focused on food, travel and local events. She is also the co-founder of the NJ Healthcare blog, which focuses on legal developments in health care. Beth is a serious chocolate chip cookie addict who loves food, wine, travel, reading, blogging, and time with family and friends. Email   Blog   Website   Twitter   LinkedIn

Hillary Chybinski

Hillary is a crafty, social mamma of two boys turning 20 years of business experience and a love for technology and all things social into an online content creation and social media consulting business.  She started my scraps, in 2005 as an extension of her scrapbook hobby.  Today it’s a dynamic place where all the scraps of her life come together – ideas, memories and opinions – on a range of topics that affect her as a woman, wife, mother and girl of the world. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Jessica Cohen

Jessica loves a great human interest story and a non-fat chai latte. She writes about social good, life and the different ways that people can pay it forward. Jessica ghost writes, coordinates blogger outreach campaigns and has a background in media planning strategy. Email   Blog    Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Emily CurranEmily Curran

Emily, the author of Four Little Monsters Blog, is a work at home mom to four kids (with one more on the way). She owns and operates The Fairy Paintbox, specializing in custom designed and painted children’s room decor. Emily uses any and all spare moments allowed by kids and company to inch her first historical fiction novel closer to publication. Four Little Monsters Blog serves as an additional outlet for writing, where Emily documents her life as a top-speed Mom and business owner while providing Mid-Atlantic US families a resource for events, local businesses and products. Four Little Monsters Blog was featured in The Penn Stater Magazine and Emily is a contributing writer for MetroKids’ Magazine’s “MomSpeak”. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Carrie CurryCarrie Curry

At Chockababy, I have a place to share my thoughts on babies, kids, and parenting in general. Lately, I’ve been focusing on life as a food allergy mom and attempting to be a “real” mom. The occasional recipe, rant, and rambling remind me that, as a mom, I’ve always got about a dozen plates spinning in the air. Here’s hoping I don’t break them all! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Tashelle DarbyTashelle Darby

I am a mother, wife, mentor and so much more than just a person that fits into a category. I have an entrepreneurial state of mind and am an unstoppable positive motivating force. I founded a website the encourages teenage girls to discover their strongest qualities and ways to best capitalize on those unique traits through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the only way to learn and apply yourself in a new and innovative way, while building a portfolio for the future. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter

Fran Davis Fran Davis

As owner of The Flavorful Fork Personal Chef Service, Fran Davis strives to create healthy, seasonal and delicious meals for her busy clients. She has a passion for cooking and helping others to eat healthier, whole foods and is on a mission to bring families back to their dinner tables to enjoy home-cooked meals. On her blog, Fran provides cooking tips, recipes, dinner games and monthly challenges that will get you living a healthier lifestyle one step at a time. Email   Website   Twitter   Facebook   Pinterest

Janeane DavisJaneane Davis

I am a Christian wife and mother who loves to read, write, knit and spend time with my family. I use the training I received as an attorney to help businesses develop plans, tools and skills in order to reach their goals. Email   Blog   Facebook   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Darla DeMorrow

Darla DeMorrow’s award-winning business and blog, HeartWork Organizing, helps people lead more peaceful and beautiful lives.  She earned the coveted Certified Professional Organizer® designation, but her kids still leave toys on the floor.  She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, a certified redesigner, and home stager.  She also offers a patented color system called Color With NO Regrets.  Her first book is called The Pregnant Entrepreneur, helping women business owners through their pregnancy with their business, their dignity, and their finances intact.  Her business was born in South Jersey and serves the entire Philly region.  A mother of two, she’s always searching for things that make her life and yours more peaceful and beautiful. Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Erica Desper

I am a pediatric sleep consultant supporting families in and around the Philadelphia area who are struggling to get their little ones to fall and stay asleep. I work with parents of children from birth – 5 years educating and empowering them through the process of improving their child’s sleep patterns and habits using a variety of methods. Rather than a one size fits all approach, I learn about each child’s personality and temperament as well as parenting style to tailor a plan that best suits each individual family. Email   Facebook   Twitter

Valerie @ Inner Child FunValerie @ Inner Child Fun

Valerie is the author of Inner Child Fun, where she inspires parents to spend more quality time with their kids, and less money doing it. She designs creative crafts for kids that are sure to bring out the “kid” in you too! Valerie appears regularly on NBC Philadelphia’s “The 10! Show” and several other morning talk shows. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Chrissie DiAngelusChrissie DiAngelus

Chrissie DiAngelus is an entrepreneur, mom, visual artist, marketing strategist, and all around over achiever. She was in corporate communications for a few years before being saved from a life of boring product marketing and trade show planning. She sort of stumbled her way into the performing arts industry in 2003, going on a random job interview, and falling in love with all this agency had to offer her at 25. She spent two years at Baylin Artists Management managing the tours of the agency’s family artist roster and producing some very cool showcases. She worked in a marcomm role at a few other artsy places and a few years later, she founded Piccadilly Arts as a marketing consultant to artistic ensembles and small businesses. She would work at Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, managing the marketing, branding, and showcases of the PennPAT program. In 2010, with 10 years of experience, she refined Piccadilly Arts’ mission, goals and model and now manages the tours of 8 performing artists with the occasional consulting gig. She believes in quality programming for all ages but in particular, quality theatre, dance and music for young audiences and families. She blogs about education reform, social change, creativity and imagination, arts marketing, various performances and experiences, and her amazing artists. Chrissie graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Y2K with a BS in Business Administration/Management and a minor in Fine Arts. Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Heather DiNuzzo

Heather lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, expecting a baby boy in May 2012. You’ll find a combination of family-friendly reviews and giveaways, deal alerts, personal stories and articles relating to parenting on Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Natalie DixonNatalie Dixon

I blog at A Turtle’s Life for Me where I cover everything from travel to food to DIYs and crafts. It’s a lifestyle blog so anything that happens during our daily life is fair game for me to ramble about! I have a background in public relations and education and an even longer background in talking entirely too much and painting anything I can get my hands on. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+   LinkedIn


Cindy Dudas

Stay at home mom with big ideas and a little blog. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Becky Elmuccio

I am a mother, gardener, reader, treehugger and an eco-friendly kid’s clothing and gear crusader. I blog about raising my daughter in a positive and green way, while engaging her in our organic garden and providing her with traditional and safe toys that foster creativity and communication. I am happy to share my experiences and review items that we have found to be successful and eco-friendly. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Robin Elton

Mean, green, drama queen. Robin Elton is the VP of Community at FitFluential; Strong is her middle (maiden) name. Robin is a real food advocate, wilderness champion and Honey Badger Mom to three. She has been featured in Scholastic Parent & Child magazine and named “Crunchiest Mom in Philadelphia” for her commitment to trading lightly on the earth. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Estelle Sobel ErasmusEstelle Sobel Erasmus

Estelle Sobel Erasmus is an award-winning journalist, columnist, former magazine editor-in-chief, author and advocate for women. She is on the Board of Directors for the national non-profit Mothers & More and performed in the first New York Production of Listen to Your Mother. She was a 2012 Honoree at BlogHer’s Voices of the Year in the op-ed category. Estelle blogs about everything mother and women-related at Musings on Motherhood and Mid-Life. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Kristie Finnan, RD, LDN

Kristie Finnan is a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist and published children’s author. She is the Mom of 3 and Food Snob with a passion for Nutrition Education, Healthy Kids Foods, Marketing and Social Media. Kristie is the Creative Director/Editor for and and Founder of Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

Raya FaggRaya Fagg

Sister, wife, mother, part time revolutionary (when not watching complete ratchedness on TV), knitter, foodie, politician, diplomat, Tebower. When I was younger I did what I had to do, now I do what I WANT to do (as long as there is bacon, chocolate, and coffee involved). Email   Website   Blog   Twitter   Pinterest

Rachee Fagg

Rachee wears many crocheted hats, among them are mom to The Bee, yarn lover, book lover, non-discriminating channel surfer, wogger and library type chick. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

kelleyKelley Osborne Faust

Kelley Osborne Faust lives in Maple Glen, PA with her 2 sets of twin daughters. Kerry and Christie are 12 and Maggie and Annie are 8. Kelley, a certified teacher, started Sunshine Hope in 2007 to teach children about the power of hope in creating life visions, possibility thinking, leadership development and resiliency. Kelley presents to children, parents and teachers in schools and hospitals. The Proprietary Sunshine Hope Curriculum is based on The State of Pennsylvania Character Education Core Standards. She has authored The SUPERPOWER of ME!, The Possibility Promise and has other books in development. Kelley is grateful for the friends she has made and continues to make in PSMM. :) Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

Ashley FlemingAshley Fleming

I never do one thing at a time, so of course I had twins. I live in Bryn Mawr and enjoy blogging about family life, parenting twins, SAHM-dom, my intermittent jobs as quilter, ETSY shop owner, performer, composer, and Disney cruise addict. I also have a silly triathlon habit. I’m always doing, always trying. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn   Google+

SamanthaSamantha – Have Sippy Will Travel

Momma, blogger, freelance writer, social media maven, and teacher. A former nanny and current graduate student, Samantha has dedicated her life to children and education. Having spent considerable time traveling abroad for school and volunteer activities, she feels that travel and culture should play an important part in a child’s development and exposure to their environment. A lover of books, travel, yoga, animals, children, and fun, she also does product reviews and giveaways. Always on the lookout for adventure, we have sippy, and will travel! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

dottieDottie Foley

Dottie is a mom of two, a Chester County based photographer and “bride” (as he calls her) to a wonderful supportive husband. When she’s not behind the lens you can find Dottie running races for the soft pretzels, volunteering at school, at a band gig with the fam, or watching the waves at the Jersey shore. Email  Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Lindsay FrankLindsay Frank

Lindsay is the owner of See Mom Click, a site that shares delicious recipes, travel and product reviews, online shopping, books, and family fun. She’s a work-at-home mom of two fantastic kids, wife of an amazing husband, and owner of 3 former stray, now spoiled, pets. She is also a self-employed tutor, working with students from elementary grades through graduate school. She has contributed to blogging-related articles published in the Wall Street Journal online and Retail Online Integration. She also has her own blog space on Fig Lancaster, a local online source of what’s hot and happening in Lancaster County. Lindsay loves to travel and explore with her family, read obsessively on her Kindle, and nurture addictions to her Keurig and anything chocolate. Email     Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn

Judy Freedman

Judy writes an award-winning lifestyle blog targeted to boomer and midlife women. She recently retired from her corporate communications job of 30+ years, to pursue blogging, writing and communications consulting. Judy blogs under the pen name Judi or better known as JudiBoomergirl. Widowed at age 50, Judy is mom to two adult children. Always an optimist, her motto is “I keep my chin up so my neck stays forever wrinkle-free.” Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

sarahSarah Freymoyer

Sarah is a longtime resident of Chester County, mom of three, and self proclaimed blog-a-holic. After a career in sales and finance management, Sarah “retired” and started blogging as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. She launched Chester County Moms Blog in 2008, which eventually expanded to include two other blogs that together comprise the Philly Burb Moms sites. Sarah enjoys crafting, traveling and shopping. Email   Blog   Website    Facebook   Twitter


Stephanie is mom to two rambunctious boys born nearly 19 months apart who seem to be on a mission to destroy the house. With copious amounts of Coca-Cola on hand, she blogs about trying to enjoy and capture every minute of it! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Jennifer Gaffney

Jennifer started blogging to share in her journey’s as a wife, a lover of all foods, finder of great deals, her opinions on products she can’t live without, planning the perfect party, and finally her greatest role ever as a new mom after a struggle with infertility. When she’s not yammering away about how cute her kid is, or how much she loves her Keurig, she’s blogging and marketing for Rizzieri Salons, Spa, and Schools in South Jersey. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn  Pinterest   Google+

Megan Galko

Hi, I’m Megan and I am a stay at home mother to five beautiful children ages 10 and under. I am the founder and owner and a co-founder of and a graduate of the University of Scranton and North Pocono HS. Prior to starting a family I served as Deputy Communications Director for the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) under three Governors. I am also a former reporter for The Scranton Times and The Moscow Villager. I have a recurring segment on WBRE’s PA LIVE where I talk about products that make life easier for busy moms. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Facebook 2   LinkedIn  Pinterest  Twitter 2  Google+

Debi GerhartDebi Gerhart

I am a professional blogger mom to 4 kids. My life is like a tv show… if Rosanne moved in with the Adamms family. Email   Blog   Blog 2   Facebook   Facebook 2   Twitter   Twitter 2   Pinterest   Google+

Shelly GillShelly Gill

As the founder of gillgal media, Shelly works with numerous clients to develop web-based and print media content while providing services in the areas of creative writing, blogs, press releases, sales collateral and more. Shelly is a regular contributor to Main Line Parent Magazine. An entrepreneur at heart, she is passionate about her career and that passion comes through in every project on which she works! Shelly resides in the ‘burbs of Philadelphia with her husband, feisty daughter, and small pup. Shelly can be reached at Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter

Tracey GilliganTracey Gilligan

Fun Things To Do With Kids In Delaware County was started in 2008 to feature local family friendly activities for parents and kids. Since then, we have expanded to Facebook and Twitter and we now have a loyal following as one of the largest resources for activities in the area. What has become known as “Fun Things” is managed by Tracey Gilligan, a resident of Delaware County PA. Tracey is a mother of two who started the blog because she found it difficult to find local activities to do with her kids. She decided to start a blog that would list all of the activities she knew of, with hopes that others would add to the list. In 2010, Tracey expanded Fun Things to Chester County to share all the wonderful family activities in the Chester County area.” Email   Website   Blog   Facebook Delaware County   Facebook Chester County   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Therese GivenTherese Given

Blessed with four fabulous kids, one amazing husband and two of the cutest dogs ever, I’m just a girl living the dream. My dream, that is – the one I wrote about in my journal way back in 1998 when I had just started dating my Mr. Right and wanted to be a married mom to four, working part-time. When I’m not knee-deep in mom stuff or working part-time at the local hospital photographing newborns I try to sneak in as much creating (and shopping) as possible. That’s where my blog, Any Given Day Inspiration, comes in. It’s my spot to share all the good things I come across in life involving anything from DIY and crafts to home decor and organization. I do all this while pondering the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

chrissy glen

Chrissy Glen

Chrissy loves blogging, consulting about building an online presence via blogs & social media to market your business, networking, hosting events, facilitating relationships, air hockey, music, dancing, socializing, meeting new people, exploring, spontaneous adventures, watching movies, meditation, yoga, real estate, discussing philosophy, reading, writing, teaching, learning, having meaningful conversations, spiritual growth volunteering and raising awareness. When Chrissy isn’t blogging you can find her playing with her daughter all over PA & NJ. She also enjoys visiting new places and having new experiences. Gardening, organizing and even cleaning are on her list of relaxing things to do. She’ll be your go-to Mom Friend when you are looking for fun activities to do with your children in PA & NJ! Email   Blog  Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

stephanie glover profile picStephanie Glover

Mom of two boys who’s trying to figure it all out with the help of her side-kicks: coffee and her camera. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Instagram

Patricia GoodmanTricia The Good Mama

Hi, I’m Tricia! I’m a wife to my lovingly laid-back husband and a first time mama to a fun-loving, sleep-hating, one-year-old boy. After teaching in elementary school for several years, I have decided to stay-at-home with my son and very rambunctious puppy. I like to write about fitness, food, and all of the fun activities my family and I enjoy doing together. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+

Lauren Gordon

Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Mara GormanMara Gorman

Mara Gorman is an award-winning freelancer writer whose work has appeared in USA Today’s Guide to Philadelphia. You’ll also find her at The Mother of all Trips where she offers stories, tips, and inspiration for traveling parents in the Midatlantic region and beyond. When she’s not on the road with her sons Tommy and Teddy, she can be found baking bread and cooking local produce at home in Delaware. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Courtney GreismanCourtney Greisman

My name is Courtney Greisman and I am a mom, a wife, and I own a small blog called Daily Bloom. I went to art school in Philadelphia and then worked in the Free People Design Office. I lived and worked in downtown Philadelphia for almost 9 years. I now stay home with my 5 year old Luci. My family lives in the country side of Bucks County in a very old farmhouse that is forever a work in progress. We are expecting baby #2 sometime after Halloween and I am really looking forward to some cocktails shortly there after. In my free time, I also contribute to Bucks Life Magazine. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Kristina GrumKristina Grum

I am a wife and a mama to three girls who are 7, 6, and 4. I’m a certified Parent Educator who took the (very) long route to loving motherhood. These days I strive for ways to connect with our kids, while using short cuts to manage and organize our home. I am a postpartum mood disorder survivor who thrives on helping others find the joy in motherhood that is just lurking around the corner. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+   LinkedIn

hollyHolly Gruszka

Holly has taken her passion for helping others and her enthusiasm for decorating and opened West Pear Interiors. Her blog, West Pear Avenue, is where she shares projects and inspiration. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Instagram

Dana Gschwendtner

I am a former kindergarten teacher and middle school principal. I opened my business while staying home with my kids in order to keep me sane and to help families plan special vacations. Now I blog, pin and change cloth diapers. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

M. GunnM. Gunn

I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I met my husband in college at St. Joseph’s University…which is what ultimately brought me to live in the Philadelphia area. I am Mom to two children, wife to an awesome husband, the owner of Chesapeake Ribbons (classic handmade ribbon belts & accessories for the entire crabby clan), and Area Manager for Moxie Moms of the Philadelphia Suburbs (a network for moms to make life easier)…Not a slow day yet! Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Lauren - MidgetMommaLauren – MidgetMomma

Lauren is the owner of a nationally known blog that helps moms with all of their needs from parenting stories, crafts, recipes, deals, saving money, product reviews and more! She is the mom of 3 and married to her awesome husband Tom. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Rhapsody HahnRhapsody Hahn, Turnovers Baby Shop

I was in NYC living my dream as a fashion designer when I discovered that I was pregnant. *Surprise!* I took the old fashioned route (natural birthing classes, no meds, didn’t find out the gender) and relocated back to Atlantic County, NJ after my son was born. Inspiration struck me once I gave birth to my second child, so I wrote a business plan, created a Kickstarter campaign, and launched a fully-reversible, eco-friendly line of baby apparel called Turnovers. That is my story. Inspired by a baby, created by a mom. It’s not what I had planned, but it’s far more amazing than I had imagined and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter    LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

Amber HauserAmber of Bumber’s Bumblings

Amber is madly in love with her husband of 10 years, two beautiful children, and extended family; she enjoys making new friends, running, cooking, chocolate, green smoothies, sleep, instagram, peanut butter, and pizza. After months of trying to conceive turned into years, Amber shared in the isolation and devastation that so many women suffering from infertility experience—until she and Nate were led to open adoption and a magical, miraculous son four years ago. In 2012, they were blessed again with a beautiful daughter through another open adoption. Email Blog   Twitter   Facebook

Aimee HeavenerAimee Heavener

Aimee Heavener is the Founder and Executive Director of North Penn Under Ten, a community-minded on- and off-line resource for young families in Montgomery County, PA. NPUT connects parents and local businesses in a positive way via the website, social media, community events, and fun annual information fairs. Aimee lives to create big things from little budgets and is happiest when she is facilitating connections between talented and compassionate people and rallying others toward a common goal of helping others. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn

Diane Henkler / In My Own Style

I love all things creative, colorful and DIY. My background is in display – which led me into the wonderful world of DIY decorating and design when my husband and I bought our first house. We didn’t have a big budget so I used the tricks I used in the display trade to decorate that first home. That led me to writing a decorating book about it, called Instant Decorating back in the 1990’s. It is no longer in print, but my blog is where I continue to share ideas and what I have found works for me – all budget friendly. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Lindsay H.

Lindsay is a new mom, early intervention teacher, crafter of multiple medias and an old soul. She writes about DIY projects, ways to save money, everyday reflections and life lessons. She and her family are trying to live a simple life in a not so simple world. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Carrie Higgins

Carrie Higgins

Turning lemons into lemonade since our daughter’s traumatic birth, we’re finding ways to live a lovely life for less. From our weekly series on family activities (Totful Tuesday) to the Refresh My Nest Friday link-up party, we’re DIYing-crafting-cooking-laughing our way through life. Join the fun! Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Sheila HillSheila Hill

Sheila left a career as a jet-setting software consultant to pursue her love of writing. She shares her daily trials and tribulations of motherhood at her personal blog, Sheila can also be found sampling the Jersey food scene and sharing it with readers at She doles out friendly parenting advice and tips at Sheila is also the chapter co-chairperson of Girls’ Lunch Out, Central New Jersey. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Christina Hitchcock

I’m Christina, the chief cook and bottle washer for my blog, It’s a Keeper. I’m also a northeastern Pennsylvania food blogger and a self-proclaimed recipe hoarder who reads cook books cover to cover like most people read a juicy novel. My school-aged son is active in sports and all kinds of extracurricular activities, so we are always on the run. Over the years, I’ve developed a system that allows me to get delicious, homemade meals on the table, despite our hectic schedule. It’s a Keeper is a place where I can share my best recipes and tips and tricks you can use for your family. It’s a Keeper is a place where you can get quick dinner ideas, easy recipes, meal planning tips and cooking resources. Email   Blog   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+

Jennifer HoffJennifer Hoff

I am a problem solver. I have a great deal of compassion for those in poverty and those stuck in our countries inequitable public education system. I believe that Arts and Culture is a great tool in the revitalization of communities. I believe everyone has a gift and no one gets all the gifts. The secret to our success is finding and using our gifts to better ourselves, our families and our communities. I own two businesses: Hoff Communications, Inc. (a design and public relations company) and Art Space Lansdowne (a community art center with art classes and First Friday and other art events). Email   Website   Blog   LinkedIn

Jane Hoffer

Jane Hoffer, is co-founder and CEO of Released for public beta in June 2011, Ohanarama is the safe place online where families connect, learn and play together that has been hailed by moms, grandmothers, and Internet Safety experts as the “the virtual kitchen table”. Prior to Ohanarama, Jane founded technology company Prescient Systems, and grew it through the stages of start-up to becoming a public company, culminating in its sale in 2009. Jane lives in Delaware County with her three children and entrepreneur husband and is sorry to say her term as President of the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs ended at the end of 2011. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Stacey HofferStacey Hoffer

Stacey Hoffer Weckstein is a travel, spa, and spirit junkie… and is on a mission to shift the consciousness + happiness of women (especially moms) around the world. She mindfully chooses to use her voice for social good, giggle with her children, unleash her wings, live big, go on adventures, live her best life, and never settle for less than what her heart + soul desire. On her blog,, Stacey shares stories about her evolving life – body, mind, heart, children, and soul. Stacey believes in the power of great women gathering in circle (online and in person)… shift happens, support shows up, and ideas emerge, and lives evolve in ways that wouldn’t and couldn’t happen if we were all alone. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn

Sarah~ Thank You Honey

My blog, Thank You Honey was inspirited by my “Little Dude” and my adventures into mommyhood! From crafting to cooking, kids crafts, recipes, photography, adventures, great ideas, tips, reviews, giveaways and inspiration. It is all part of the adventure of Thank You Honey. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Hope HorwitzHope Horwitz

My name is Hope Horwitz and I’m finally taking advantage of that name. How? Simple, I am learning to be HOPEful. I was a single, self-employed, woman working hard for more than 30 years. I thought life was complicated but little did I know just how complicated it can be. All within 6 years I met my husband, got married, had 2 little girls and started working full time. Life changed and got a whole lot harder. With my blog, Just Hopeful, I am creating an outlet to be hopeful, to deal with the changes, discuss the everyday challenges we all face as women, try to find some solutions and, hopefully, find more women like me who can relate to my crazy life. Email   Blog   Twitter

Andrea-HowardAndrea Howard

Connecting parents to businesses and resources. I have a passion for connecting people – to each other and to the things they need, love and want. As the founder of PARENTise I focus on providing parents with information about local businesses and resources. Connect with me if you have something to share – I’m always looking for the next great thing to share with our readers! Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Barb HoyerBarb Hoyer

Short and feisty, Barb is a mostly organized mom of 5 kids who spends her days dealing with the adventurous chaos of 4 boys and one princess. Between loads of laundry and supervising her too-smart-for-his-own-good 3 year old, she runs, cooks, volunteers at school, reads, and writes about her life at A Life in Balance and her adventures in cooking and finding local food at Frugal Local Kitchen. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Sarah Hughes

I am a coffee obsessed mother of two kids under the age of four, plus a big hair dog named Finnegan, all of whom refuse to sleep in their own beds!! I work full-time but seem to take more sicks days then work days. I am a dedicated volunteer to the Preeclampsia Foundation and I dream to one day actually write in my blog! Email   Blog   Facebook   Pinterest

Julia Hunter

Julia blogs at Wine In Mom where she toasts the highs and lows of motherhood. She is a mom to one son, avid reader, Disney know-it-all, and the master of her kitchen. You can also find her blogging at Jersey Family Fun. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

Stephanie HustonStephanie Huston

I’m the mom behind Raising A Family On A Budget, and the “domestic goddess” in charge of the Huston home. I have three children and have been married to my wonderful husband, Steve, for almost 13 years. While we are both from NJ, we now call Morrisville, PA home. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+

uneeka jayUneeka Jay

Speaker, trainer, writer and mentor are just a few words to describe Uneeka Jay the founder and CEO of Powermommy Nation and Powermommy She is married to an amazing man and has a blended family of thirteen children ranging in ages from 23 years old to 10 years old. Uneeka and her family live in the Greater Philadelphia area. Uneeka works as a senior executive at a medical device company and sits on the board of a small non-profit organization. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Erin Flynn JayErin Flynn Jay

Erin Flynn Jay is a writer, blogger and publicity expert. She develops and implements public relations and branding campaigns for small to mid-sized companies in all types of industries. Erin has expertise in successfully obtaining media placements for experts and authors. She has established ongoing partnerships with other public relations agencies and teams with them on projects when her PR and writing skills are needed. From 2002 to 2005, Erin worked as an in-house consultant for Planned Television Arts, a leading provider of author publicity services in the United States. At PTA, she booked city tours, radio tours and speaking engagements for well-known authors in addition to placing them in newspapers, magazines and online outlets. Erin’s articles have appeared in diverse publications including, MSN Careers, Brandweek, Costco Connection, Opportunity World, Sales and Marketing Excellence, The New York Enterprise Report and Wealth Manager. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn Pinterest

Stacy UncorkedStacy Uncorked

Sassy Mama to the Princess Nagger and Little Dude. I love to create wine from grapes and various fruit…experiments with water currently underway. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

brandiBrandi Jordan

Brandi Jordan is the Social Media Manager for Really Good Stuff Inc., as well as the owner of, and her newest  Her background is in education and she currently homeschools her three children ages 12, 10, and 6. Email   Blog   Twitter

Megan KaretnyMeg Karetny

Hi! I am a mom of a very energetic 3 year old girl Lizzie, in Cherry Hill NJ. I am an avid crafter & diy’er that is looking to form fun crafty meet ups in the area. My husband Abe grew up in the restaurant field & became a chef that has worked in all aspects of the food & management fields. After getting laid off in January we regrouped our lives & now he has started what is now a really successful painting business. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+

bethBeth Keklak

I’m the Destination Guroo of PA, NJ, DE for the family travel website Trekaroo. You can read about my life at Life in the BAT Cave. I’m also a contributing writer to Jersey Moms Blog. Offline you can find me taxiing 3 kids to their activities, running a Cub Scout or Girl Scout meeting, organizing a fundraiser for the soccer team or attending a PTO function. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Cecily Kellogg

Cecily is best known for her popular blog Uppercase Woman, her raw tone and humor on Twitter as @CecilyK, and her posts about social media and moms on MomCrunch for Babble. Cecily lives in the Philadelphia area, is happily married, is mom to a fierce and amazing daughter, and has occasionally been called a bad ass. Cecily also currently works with AboutOne doing Social Media Strategy. Cecily was named by Babble as one of the Top 100 Mom Bloggers in 2011 (and Top 50 Twitter Moms in 2010). Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Noelle KellyNoelle Kelly

I am new to the Pennsylvania area. I am a stay at home, work at home mom to a 10-month old and getting ready for the 2nd baby in February 2013. I love cooking and started with vegan cooking. Now I cook, bake and create all kinds of healthy recipes. I also sing opera and do a lot of collaborative work with my conductor husband. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Colleen Kennedy

Colleen Kennedy is the editor of Souffle Bombay, a recipe website filled with her everyday cooking adventures and Picture Me Cooking, a website for parents to source recipes they can easily make with their children. One day, a couple of years ago, as Colleen was cooking with her son, she thought of a unique idea for a children’s cookbook. She grabbed a few friends and brought the idea to life which caught the eye of QVC. Today, Colleen enjoys cooking for her family, friends and most of all with her children. Some of the places her recipes have been featured include CafeMom, Tasty Kitchen, Huffington Post, PBS Kids, Food52 and the online magazine Easy Eats. Colleen dreams of opening a specialty food shoppe which one day she hopes will be a reality! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Randi Kobielnik

Randi is a SAHM to her 5 year old son and wife to her best friend. She enjoys trying new things, crafting, cooking, fashion, and travel among others. Randi started SAHM’s Crazy Life to share all of life’s crazy moments! You can find an array of topics on her blog. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn  Pinterest

Nicole KobilkaNicole Kobilka

WAHM/Entrepreneur/Graphic Designer/Blogger. Mom to Cole & Dean, Wife to Jeff, with an obsession for gadgets and all sorts of tech. I’m all over the place. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest


Kerri is a writer, blogger & playwright. She blogs about humanity — both the bad and the good. Her blog, “1,001 People That Suck,” is an extension of her edgy, humor book. The blog features excerpts from the book, along with videos, news, and an interactive forum. Her sister blog, “People That Shine,” features people who are making the world a better place. The blog is written in real-time, and includes videos, book recommendations, and an interactive forum. When not writing or blogging, Kerri enjoys cycling, yoga, kenpo, hanging with other SAHM & WAHM, and watching BRAVO tv. She earned a MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University, and is active in the philanthropy community. Email   Blog   2nd Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Laura KosterLaura Koster

Mom//PR guru/freelance writer covering eating escapades, conscious cooking and food finds around Philadelphia’s Main Line and beyond. Email   Website Facebook   Twitter

claudiaClaudia Krusch

I am Brazilian and I have been a teacher and translator for 12 years, speak 4 languages, work with 3 and own Easylearn Languages, a foreign language school in South Jersey, Children-More, a small business directory and Bilingual Buddies a bilingual forum for families interested in discussing and living the bilingual way! Email   Blog Website   Facebook   Twitter Pinterest


Toni Langdon

I am a writer, speaker, and mommy blogger in the Philadelphia area. Come to my site for ideas to make life simple so you can enjoy the moments with your children. I am a black belt in martial arts and love to share ideas to keep your home focused, simple, and respectful. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Carroll LaurenceCarroll Laurence

Carroll Ivy Laurence is a marketing communications specialist that develops and executes multi-tiered creative social media efforts for various consumer-focused clients. Email   Website   Blog   LinkedIn   Pinterest

beckyBecky Leatherman

A Mom. A photographer. A people lover. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Reesa LewandowskiReesa AKA: Lew

Reesa Lewandowski, aka: Momma Lew, is a Stay-At-Home-Mom to 2 Preschool-Aged children from New Jersey. She loves to share her recipes, product reviews and giveaways with her readers, who she considers to be friends. Reesa’s goal for Momma Lew’s Blog is to ensure everyone can make confident decisions for their families so that they can enjoy each and everyday with one another. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+

Lisa LightnerLisa Lightner

Lisa Lightner is a Special Education Advocate and blogger who assists parents through the IEP process. Either through her blog or in person, she can help you navigate the confusing world of special education. Lisa is also an active citizen lobbyist, helping to change the special needs world for kids. She lives in Chester County, PA with her family. Email   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn

Katie LockwoodKatie Lockwood

Pediatrician and mom of two, blogging about my life as a working doctor mom. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Courtney LopezCourtney Lopez

Courtney is a mom, wife, foodie, and blogger. She loves to spend time with family, taking pictures, and getting creative in the kitchen. Her daughter suffers from a rare food allergy called FPIES. Courtney is also a chair member with the IAFFPE, the foundation for FPIES. Email   Blog   Blog 2   Facebook   Facebook 2   Twitter   Twitter 2   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

nancy lowellNancy Lowell

Lifelong food lover/professional, CIA grad. Passion for beauty/flavor. World traveler, urban mom, humorous POV, taking on the world plate by plate. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Jennifer Worthington LowerJennifer Worthington Lower [mamaZEN]

Email   Blog   Twitter   Facebook   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Megan Lubin

His Middle Name has been started with the hopes of creating a sense of community among parents of premature children and women who have experienced pregnancy complications. By sharing her own personal experience with fibroids and the subsequent premature birth of her son, Megan Lubin has started His Middle Name to provide advocacy, gynecologic health information, education and awareness initiatives and most importantly, a source of inspiration and hope. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Jeanine Ludwikowski

PR-friendly writer and blogger focusing on articles on parenting and relationships, product reviews, hot new products, events, toys, attractions and events, edibles, and all things fun in and around Philly. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Marci Lutsky

My name is Marci and I live at the Jersey shore. My blog is called Vegging at the Shore and features recipes inspired by my organic CSA (community supported agriculture). I do a lot of cooking with my 3 year old twins who are often featured in my posts. I also discuss food events in around the Jersey shore. Email   Blog

Jennifer Lynn-PullmanJennifer Lynn-Pullman

I am a Registered Dietitian and a mother of 2 children. I have a nutrition counseling practice in Bucks County specializing in weight management. I blog about nutrition and healthy eating. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Shannon MadiganShannon Madigan

Shannon spends her days working “9 to 5″ and her nights avoiding glue gun burns. She craves simple and elegant solutions for her home, along with a little chocolate! Shannon enjoys blogging at Madigan Made where she shares easy crafts, DIY décor and much more. Her philosophies with all her projects are to ‘keep it simple’ and ‘make it personal.’ Shannon is also a regular contributor for the blog Mod Podge Rocks! and she is an active supporter of the craft blog community, Crafterminds. She shares her small house in the Philadelphia ‘burbs with her husband and dog. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Mary Ellen Mannix, MRPEMary Ellen Mannix, MRPE

Mary Ellen is a mom of 5 ranging in ages from 8 to 22 including one who died as a newborn. She holds a master’s degree in Restorative practices and Education and has been teaching for over 24 years. She is a teacher at The Haverford School’s Early Learning Center and serves as an advisor to the Healthcare Improvement Foundations’ OB Adverse Event Collaborative in Pennsylvania. She is dedicated to creating peasceful, healthy communities for babies and young children to thrive. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Pam Margolis

Pam has a Masters in Library and Information Science and is certified as a Library Media Specialist (K-12) and in Elementary Education (K-6). She has experience as an educator, researching, designing, and implementing curriculum materials. As a freelance writer, blogger, and social media consultant, she analyzes and coordinates online media outreach, develops and manages presences on popular social networking websites, tracks and monitors program success, performs book reviews, and curates children’s literature. She can also prepare marketing pieces and press releases. Samples of her work can be found on her blog. She loves books, social media, and can almost always be found with a book, a cup of coffee and her iPhone. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

AmiyrahAmiyrah Martin

Amiyrah is the sole writer at 4 Hats and Frugal, where she talks family, food, fashion and finance. As a Mother, wife and member of the Air Force, she enjoys sharing her life experiences and resourceful information online for the past 6 years. She’s also a movie addict, Mom gamer and lover of all thing Nutella based. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Esther Martin

I’m Esther and I love saving money with coupons and other deals. I blog at Coupon Cutting Mom where I share deals, shopping trips, recipes, reviews, giveaways and anything related to moms and their families. Email     Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Kathryn MartinKathryn Martin

I’m a working mama who tries to make healthy and wholesome food for her family. Making meals to please everyone’s palate is more of a challenge now since my toddler has food allergies to peanut, dairy, wheat and egg. I created blog to connect with the healthy living and food allergy community in a more powerful way, and share some great ideas for healthy and easy family food! I have my Master’s degree in Health Communication from Emerson University in collaboration with Tufts University School of Medicine. I work in the health marketing area, and love when I can put my health communication and marketing background into practice! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

MeghanMeghan Martin

I’m a working mother to 3 boys under the age of 4 and together with my stud muffin husband am renovating our money-pit one room at a time. Sometimes crazy, never dull and always awesome! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Suzanne Masciantonio

A mother of 4 children and a step-grandmother of 1 adorable baby boy, and she is only 45! She keeps herself active as a volunteer for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, the Philadelphia Chapter of Make A Wish Foundation and for the Radnor PTO. Email   Blog   LinkedIn

Ashvini MashruAshvini Mashru, MA,RD,LDN

Ashvini Mashru helps busy moms feel fab through food. She works with busy moms who struggle with losing weight and feeling tired and would like to achieve permanent weight loss, increased self-confidence and energy levels. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

peggyPeggy Mathias

Peggy owns and runs Philly Parent Circle, a resource and community for families in the Philadelphia area. Email   Facebook   Twitter

Sarah MazzoneSarah Mazzone

I am a writer, nurse and Mom living just outside Philadelphia, PA. I founded Made in USA Challenge to detail my mission to find goods made in the USA in an effort to become a more conscious consumer. Through my journey I have developed a passion for the Made in America movement. I have developed my blog into a resource for concerned consumers looking for the best products made in America, as well was to create a dialogue on issues concerning consumerism and the role of buying American made. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

angie mcafeeAngie McAfee

Angie is the publisher and editor of local family resource website, Macaroni Kid West Chester, which serves her much loved never-ever-ever-moving-from-here Chester County towns. She is the mom of a teen, tween, and bonus baby preschooler, and often fools her friends that her act is totally together. Lover of fashion, travel and reading. Liker of running. Way into good food, good friends, and good old fashioned psychoanalysis of her most cherished family. Email     Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Caitlin McCormickCaitlin McCormick

Former nanny and recent SAHM to my hilarious 19 month old daughter. I blog over at FourthStPayphone about vegan eating, all of our adventures and dealing with our recent move from Boston. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

heather mccurdyHeather McCurdy

Heather – wife, full time mom, home school teacher, part time house cleaner. I love to write, bake, cook and read. Keeping it Real in the Kitchen and Beyond is a mix of everything I love and my way of showing people around me how I balance my life – the perfect and imperfect, the “natural” way and the “fancy up a box mix” way. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

sisySilke McDowell

Silke McDowell is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and blogger. She was born in Peru and she is raising two bilingual boys. Her children were her inspiration to start her own business Growing Bilingual and also to start blogging in Spanish. Silke is also the director of Latinos in Social Media – Philly Chapter. Email   Website   Blog   Blog Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

danaDana McLaughlin

Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Tina MilasTina Milas

Author and Designer of Zoo Cutie Printables. Tina writes to encourage and inspire wives and mothers to celebrate everyday life with her printables. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Google+   Pinterest

Jen M.

Full time professional, full time Mommy, full time blogger. Trying to juggle it all, one blog post at a time! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Cristy MishkulaCristy Mishkula

Cristy Mishkula is the founder and editor of Pretty My Party, a blog that features parties, wedding, recipes, crafts and more! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

Sarah MockSarah Mock

Sarah is a wife with 3 young children and a desire to share all her penny pinching ideas with you! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Jesenia MontanezJesenia Montanez

Jesenia is the owner of The Latina Homemaker where she shares simple solutions for the busy mom. When she’s not spending time with her family or writing, she is busy helping other influencers grow their online presence. She is passionate about creating memories with her family while juggling the home and helping others do the same. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn   Google+

Linda Morrow

Linda Morrow is the owner of Linda Morrow Photography based out of King of Prussia, PA with over 20 years of photography experience. She specializes in bar/bat mitzvah photography throughout the Main Line, Montgomery County and Philadelphia areas. Her modern, model photo shoot approach and love of outdoor photography take traditional bar mitzvah portraits to a whole new level. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Andrea MoweryAndrea Mowery

Andrea Mowery is a former market researcher-turned stay-at-home wife and mother of two children who are racing through the teen years. Not one to shy away from admitting her mistakes, Andrea writes at About 100%, a blog about life and parenting generously sprinkled with self-deprecating humor, common sense attitudes, and heart. Her writing has caught the attention of Aiming Low, BlogHer, BonBon Break, The Huffington Post, Mamalode, and QueenLatifah. Email   Blog   Blog 2   Facebook   Facebook 2   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+

Brianna NetzelBrianna Netzel

Mending the Piggy Bank’s author and newly minted stay-at-home-mom to two crazy boys ages 2 and 6, Brianna, shares her frugal living tips, squealin’ fun activities in the Central PA area to do, hot deals, product reviews and delicious recipes on her growing blog. The self-described thrifty mama extraordinaire stockpiles name-brand diapers for $2 a package, cooks amazing meals on a $50 per week budget for her family of 4 and couponed long before it was considered a verb. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn   Google+

sandra lynnSandy Nusse

I am a Kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom who was always looking for things to do with my son. I always wished that there was just one place to look to find it all and that is where the idea of Mom2MomNJ came from. Email   Blog  Facebook   Twitter

Julie Meyers PronJulie Meyers Pron

A mom, wife, educator, marketer, cheerleader, budding organizer, and me-time enthusiast, Julie shares her knowledge, lifestyle tips, business-savvy suggestions and real life stories helping you to parent confidently while remaining your stylish self. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

ColleenMook 150x150Colleen Mook

Colleen Mook is Founder & CEO of Baby Be Hip, an e-commerce company specializing in personalized baby gifts. Colleen is a natural connector, speaker, brand builder and social media advocate who has appeared in various media including The TODAY Show and won numerous small business awards. She is the mother of 4 (one happens to have special needs), glass ½ full kind of girl and small business enthusiast. You can find her blogging about all that and more. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn

Denise MooneyDenise Mooney

Denise Mooney is a Christian mother of three: two teens and a toddler! Despite her stay-at-home-mom status, she finds her self hardly ever at home as she fills her various roles of basketball mom, theater mom, music mom, and, once again, proud MOPS Mom (Mother of Preschoolers.) She enjoys blogging about the many facets of her life at My Midlife Motherhood. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Kelly Moran

What happens when an RN turned Stay-Home-Mom decides to share her knack for finding fun things to do on a dime, shopping on a budget and the benefits of being frugal? A blog is born!  Kelly, mom of three and wife to a guy whom she is still as crazy about as the day she met him, writes about deals, events, product reviews and all things social around Delaware County and beyond.  When she’s not writing, this Delco Deal Diva can be found working out at the gym, cooking up a healthy recipe, watching movies or making the most of quality time with her family. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Jessica Mudrick

I am the mother of 2, wife, realtor & small business owner. I am a realtor with Coldwell Banker Preferred in Media, PA and owner of Delaware County Moms- a popular web site with over 2000 active followers. I love volunteering my time to assist in my children’s school and our community, watching the Phillies and hanging out with my friends! Email   Blog   Facebook   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Kimberly MuroKimberly Muro

Kimberly is a stay-at-home mom who recently launched her own graphic design business. She writes openly on her blog, which gives a raw and honest look at life through her eyes. She captures the moments as she fumbles through motherhood, marriage, and her new design career. She is sometimes funny, a bit sarcastic, and always sleep deprived. Email   Blog Facebook   Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest

Angela MyrtetusAngela Myrtetus

Since 2006, I’ve created two business and a hyperlocal website, had three kids and have been an avid networker in Chester County. My newest venture is Living In Chester County, PA where we promote local businesses through content advertising/story telling, promote and plan events, promote deals and coupons and provide rich and interesting content through our blogging page about interesting people, businesses and stories. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Elizabeth Norton

Elizabeth Norton is a New Jersey mom blogger, writer, author, and home educator to two boys. She works with brands big and small and has been blogging since 2004. Elizabeth has been featured on the Today Show, The Star Ledger,, her county newspapers and beyond. She writes on travel, education, party planning and making memories while keeping life easy. She is from Cape May, NJ with a house full of animals and a husband that drives her crazy but loves her very much. She is blessed. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Trina O’Boyle

Trina O’Boyle is the founder of O’Boy! Organic which is a great resource for new and seasoned parents. Trina provides cooking classes and seminars for parents and cooking parties for kids. Trina also is the Social Media Manager for Happy Family Organics based in New York City. When Trina isn’t plugged in she teaches part time as a Montessori Teacher at The Walden School. You can find her gardening, feeding her family healthy foods, entertaining with friends, hiking and running after two very active boys, a husband and crazy dog! Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Kira OdunsiKira O.

Kira is a working mom with 12 years of digital marketing and communications experience. She is the voice behind Afropolitan Mom, a lifestyle blog – where she writes about family, fashion, food, travel and technology. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Xandra O'NeillXandra O’Neill

Xandra O’Neill is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and the founder of Womb to World Wellness. A naturally inspired mama, she supports women as they awaken their sacred mama spirits and feel empowered to have joyful and healthy preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood experiences. With a philosophy of teaching with love and not fear, Xandra holds space for women to create change with a sense of ease instead of overwhelm. Xandra loves spending time with her family and friends, practicing yoga, reading, writing, getting creative with cut up magazines, finding new ways to live a less toxic and more simple life, and experimenting in the kitchen. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Jennifer Oxenford

Jennifer Oxenford

Jennifer Oxenford is a mother of two and the founder of phillyfun4kids, your place to find free and mostly free things to do with your kids in and around this great city of motherly love. When not wrangling her two precocious daughters ages 4 and 2 or looking for fun things to do in Philly with kids, Jennifer is a Web/PR consultant at the University of Pennsylvania. Jennifer is also freelance writer and has a weekly post of family fun picks for CBS Local Philadelphia. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Nichelle Pace

Email   Facebook   Twitter   Twitter 2   Pinterest   LinkedIn   Google+

Colleen PadillaColleen Padilla

Social media consultant, mom expert, and brand advocate Colleen Padilla is the author of The Digital Mom Handbook from Harper Collins and the founder and editor of Colleen has an MBA from Cornell and has served as a spokesperson for Scrubbing Bubbles, Tide, Energizer, Mattel, and TJ Maxx/Marshalls. She’s been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The New York Times, MSNBC, Parenting Magazine, and more. She writes weekly for Lifetime Digital’s “Lifetime Moms” website and lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two young children. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Cheyenne Palma-DominguezCheyenne Palma-Dominguez

Relationship-builder, networking guru, community connector and president of FemCity Philadelphia, LLC {a Femfessionals group}. Cheyenne has created “Pull Yourself Together” especially for working moms, like her, who have ambitious business goals, want to build a killer rolodex, and do it all with signature style. In 2011 she was featured as one of Main Line Today magazine’s top 24 “Women on the Move” and in 2006 was recognized as one of Miami’s “50 Savviest”. Email   Website   Facebook    Twitter   LinkedIn

valerieValerie Palmer

Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Beth PannellBeth Pannell

Beth Nicewonger Pannell is a writer and creative non-fiction writing instructor living in South Philadelphia. Her day job in arts administration/higher education involves writing, editing and social networking, but her blog Next Life Chapter keeps her creative juices flowing. As someone who grew up in a small town in the midwest, Beth blogs about city life and the challenges of being a new mom, working outside the home full time, and living far away from family. Beth is also the Vice President of the soon-to-be-incorporated nonprofit, the South Philly Parents Resource Center. Beth is a breastfeeding advocate and an advocate for the arts. She enjoys knitting and photography and vows to one day finish her book projects. For now, she’s exploring this next life chapter and trying to minimize the madness while enjoying the day-to-day. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Sarah Peppel

Sarah has officially moved into the role of WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) as she teaches online communication courses, works in the vast world of social media, participates in the blogosphere, volunteers in local politics and maintains an active role in local women’s ministries. She has two teen daughters who roll their eyes at her shenanigans to get IT all done. She has a wonderful husband who has his own Handyguys Podcast, and they have a little beagle that chews up their world. Sarah has also been an extra in a number of movies and TV shows and dreams of finishing several budding novels. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Amy PessolanoAmy Pessolano

Mom of 2 imaginative, crazy boys, ’02 Penn State Ad/PR Grad with over 10 years experience in marketing communications and non-profit development. I write for Jersey Family Fun where I also coordinate toy reviews and work to promote family friendly destinations in New Jersey and my original hometown, Lancaster, PA. I plan to launch my personal blog soon. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

Katie PietrakKate from Busy Bee Kate

Hi I’m Kate! I spent the majority of my working life in the corporate world and after organizing my vinyl collection one day I came upon the idea to make notebooks out of them – launching Vintage Vinyl Journals in 2011. I’ve been so honored to have been featured nationally (, CNN, MSNBC, Ty Pennington) and hadn’t thought about starting a blog until I became a Mom a year ago – and it took me about just as long to actually find the time to get Busy Bee Kate off the ground. As an active Mom to a one year old living with life-threatening allergies and FPIES I recently launched my blog as a means to connect to others and to share my personal journey as a busy small business owner, community advocate, wife, and Mom. I write about DIY, thrifting, anything vintage, upcycling, decorating on a dime, my pet bees, and all things Mom, including my day-to-day life as an allergy and FPIES Mom. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Facebook 2   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Twitter 2

Megan Pinto

Owner and blogger at Two Frugal Mommas where I specialize in product reviews, frugal living, and healthy lifestyle, as well as topics relevant to parents including pregnancy loss. Proud mother to three wonderful children, a 5-year old and twin one-year olds, in addition to a Goldendoodle, Ella. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Janis Pitkin

I was raised by a frugal father and a thrift loving mom. So, it is not surprising I have a passion for The Magic That Is…Thrift. Follow me on my magical journey as I search for deals to be found at thrift stores, estate/garage/consignment sales, online, store closeouts, etc. P.S. I also love music, so I challenge myself to use a song/lyric in my post title as often as possible. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Donna Picciocchi

As the founder and Queen Bee at Bella Perfectionista, my goal is to bring inspiration and creativity to everyone who reads our page. Contrary to what it may sound like; Bella Perfectionista is not about being perfect. It is about being your own most beautiful you—Bella Perfectionista! It is about piecing together your likes and dislikes and understanding your own perfect and unique style and letting it shine. I truly believe that style can be stress-free and fun, all the while creating your own definition of style. When I’m not busy being a domestic goddess, delighting in taking care of my beautiful kids or running my communications business, I always have my eye out for chic innovative finds to share here with you! In the meantime, we hope to inspire you to either uncover or renew your sense in your personally perfect, effortlessly excellent style. Email    Blog   Facebook    Twitter

JenniferJennifer P.

Jennifer is a busy working mother of two who, along with her husband, has chosen to unschool her children. She currently blogs about her experience with the challenges and fun of unschooling along with her love of crafting and cooking at Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

lindsayLindsay Podolak

I am a stay-at-home mother of the adorably naughty Lilly (with a boy on the way), wife to a handsome husband who usually drives me crazy, sister, friend, reader, and writer. When I’m not pregnant I enjoy drinking wine and running, but not at the same time. I am originally from North Jersey, but I now live in South Jersey. I went to Lehigh University in PA for my Bachelor’s Degree in English. Motherhood has been both everything and nothing like I expected, and there is nothing I have enjoyed more than sharing this new journey with my friends. With that said…while I tried really hard in the beginning to be a “perfect mom,” I have found that such a thing does not exist. Many people may pretend to be that image of perfection, but I have found it more fun to laugh at my shortcomings and be open about discussing them. Email    Blog    Facebook    Twitter    Pinterest

Nicole Q.Nicole Q.

Nicole is an Army wife, home educator, crafting geek, cooking and baking enthusiast, gamer girl, novice quilter, sewing freak… and one punky mama! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

AmyAmy R.

Join me as I explore what it means to embrace motherhood as a calling. Let’s grow together to be the best mommies we can by sharing our experiences. Get ideas for fun activities and crafts to do with your little ones, celebrate the big events and the everyday moments, and learn along with my four kids and me. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Kelly RaudenbushKelly Raudenbush

Forever changed through their experience of adoption, Kelly is a stay-at-home mom/manager to 4 children and a professional juggler, juggling her calling as wife and mother with editing professionally, administrating a website for adoptive family support, and serving adoptive families through The Sparrow Fund. You can learn more about their adoption story, how they’ve been changed, and what life for them looks like on her personal blog My Overthinking. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Elle RileyElle Riley

Elle is an artist and graphic designer who writes at Liberty Elle, a lifestyle blog devoted to family, home, design, and DIY. Elle is a recent transplant to Collingswood, NJ where she lives with her husband and four sons. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

sierraSierra Rix

I’m Sierra; a homeschooling mother to five children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Twelve years of marriage and several kids later; I’ve still got “Ideals,” but the actualities are a whole lot funnier! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

deannaDeanna Robinson

Kids, Wine, and DIY are the few things that keep Deanna sane (or insane depending on the day). As a mother to a curious 2 year old, and a well rounded teen Deanna likes to fill the days with out-of-box solutions to keep the whinning to a minimum! If you need EASY and AFFORDABLE ideas for you (or your little one) From Wine to Whine is the Mom-Blog to visit! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Google+

Crystal Rodgers

Crystal lives in South Jersey with her husband, 7 kids ages 9-23, and 4 dogs. Since that isn’t enough to keep me busy I am always looking for ways to connect families to fun adventures, new places to explore, and fun events for families to attend, and share with the the readers of where I am one of the assistant editors. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Twitter No.2

Nancy Ross Vecchione

I am a nearly 60-years-young writer who loves learning new things and meeting new people, the perfect description for a blogger!  I write nearly 20 blogs, (look for an upcoming blog promoting our family Avon business). I ‘fell into blogging’ by ignorance… I was using Blogger as a filing cabinet for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. In my spare time I search for and collect animation art (yes, I know, a grown woman who collects animation drawings and cels, as I said, 60 years YOUNG!) Do I plan to grow up? No time soon, so if you’re hanging around waiting to see me ‘graduate into adulthood’ …uh…well you’re probably wasting your time! I have a husband and two great daughters. My daughters (both with intellectual disabilities) inspire me. I am in awe of their bravery and hard work. One helps teach other young adults how to transition into living on their own in the community; the other managed to finish community college and is a preschool teacher. Nothing in my life is as hard as what they have managed to do in the first half of their lives. (Kudos to Kate and Carly!). In my next 60 years… well stay tuned! Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Denise M. RuggieriDenise M. Ruggieri

I am the author of Mom 4 a Difference and work part-time at Rowan University in the technology training department. I love spending time with my gorgeous son, Dante, and my husband, Nick. In my spare time I love exploring the region and all it’s attractions with girlfriends, particularly from the Mom’s Club I belong to. I’ve been blessed with travel experiences having been to 12 countries, 6 islands and 20-something states. I have many hobbies but my biggest is learning. I am an eternal student! I’ve been to gardening, cooking, blogging, jewelry-making, exercise, finance classes and more! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Melissa RussoMelissa Russo

Hi, I’m Melissa. Wife. Mom. Friend. Disney Fan. Farm Girl….and all around good person. I started my blog, “How Does Your Garden Grow,” to share my experiences living on a 500 acres fruit and vegetable farm in New Jersey. I blog about that the fun things in life…, farming/gardening and FOOD. My husband and I have two beautiful kids who think they know everything…they really don’t, but love them just the same. When I am not working at our retail farm market, you can catch me on the sidelines at my son’s lacrosse games or in the bleachers watching my daughter perform in her high school marching band. Life is good. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn   Twitter 2   Google+

LesaLesa R.

One woman’s tale of balancing life as a homeschooling mom, children’s party planner, and fort holder for when the hubby is away (which is often). Slightly eccentric, but lots of fun! Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Denise Sabia

Denise Sabia, interior designer and author of “The Painted Home” blog, specializes in taking everyday items found in flea markets, thrift shops or simply along the roadside and turn them into unique pieces that freshen and warm your home – without breaking your budget. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

HeatherHeather S.

Heather is a boy mom and college literacy professor, who crafts her way to sanity on her blog, Diapered Daze and Knights.  She writes about DIY decor ideas, parenting, and early literacy development while attempting to maintain a rural-suburban homestead. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Jennifer SalabskyJennifer Salabsky

Welcome! I’m a busy Mom who lives in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, not too far from Philadelphia. I have one terrific hubby, and 2 very active sons. An avid Philadelphia sports fan who enjoys blogging, her coffee, reading, and, most importantly, being with my family. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Google+

Carole D Santilli

Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Lindsey SchusterLindsey Schuster

Sisters to Sons blog is a parenting/lifestyle blog that was founded when I found out I was pregnant with my third son. Raised in a family of 5 girls, this is totally new territory for me. As I navigate my way through being a boy mom, I’m sharing it with the world and also finding ways to maintain my femininity while indulging in fashion, food and whatever else I fancy. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Natalie S.

A recent corporate employee turned stay at home mom. Certified domestic failure, and kitchen fire waiting to happen. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Deanna Segrave-DalyDeanna Segrave-Daly

I’m a food-loving registered dietitian, blogger at Teaspoon of Spice and co-owner of Teaspoon Communications. I specialize in traditional and social media outreach, culinary demonstrations and developing healthy, flavorful recipes for clients and my blog. I’m also a co-founder of The Recipe ReDux, a healthy food blogger community. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn  Pinterest   Google+

Tina SeitzingerTina Seitzinger

Tina Seitzinger is a work-at-home mom of two very active little boys and the voice behind Life Without Pink. With over fifteen years experience in Marketing Communications, Tina has worked with businesses to lead branding, communications and online community development. She is the co-founder of Girls’ Lunch Out {GLO} – a network for women in social media and is part of the social media team at BabyCenter. When not writing, tweeting or socializing online, Tina can be found trying a new recipe of the week, watching bad reality TV or playing Super Heroes with her two boys. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Heidi SentivanHeidi Sentivan

I’m Heidi. Please join me in the adventures of renovating old homes while trying to raise our young modern family. Be it renovating, DIY, gardening or the occasional craft; whatever it takes to give a space some personality. Reimagining old house living (with a wink and a smile). I am an architect, designer, old house lover, home renovator, gardener, wife and mom. I live, work and write from our 1888 Stick Style Victorian just outside of Philadelphia that my husband and I have been slowly renovating for the last 12 years. Along with my other half Mr. S, we share our house and life with our 2 rambunctious kids, Sam & Maisie, and our 2 much less active kitties Spot & Spike. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Alison Shaffer

Alison Shaffer

Alison is a geography major graduate gone blogger. She is the mother of two girls, wife and family oriented. She writes on her blog about family events and activities. Alison likes to try out new products and share her favorite picks with her readers. She also writes on DIY Frugal blog about saving time and money. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

jolynne headshotJo-Lynne Shane

Jo-Lynne writes about faith, family, food and fashion on her lifestyle blog, Musings of a Housewife. She is a co-founder of Philly Social Media Moms as well as a brand ambassador, freelance writer, social media consultant, and coffee addict with a penchant for colorful handbags. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google+

Christina ShirleyChristina Shirley

Hi! I’m a mommy to two little boys and a wife to my best friend. I’m a breastfeeder, baby-wearer, play all day and never clean up, kind of mom. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+

Dresden ShumakerDresden Shumaker

Dresden is a PR & Media Outreach manager for a local tech startup. She spends her evenings chasing after her 3 year old son and her weekends searching for the perfect peppermint mocha. You can find Dresden at Email   Blog   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

susan simonSusan Simon

A blog about family, traveling, trying new things, loving Disney at the same time family-friendly and mom-friendly product reviews and giveaways are featured. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

Courtney SlazinikCourtney Slazinik

Courtney is a former elementary school teacher turned SAHM. She soon found a passion for photography after the birth of her second daughter. She combined her love of photography and teaching to create Click it Up a Notch. A blog to help you learn to improve your photos one click at a time. Email   Website Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Barbara Spalding

As a mother with a life-long passion for learning and teaching, Barbara created an online resource for parents to reach beyond their child’s classroom with Homeroom At Home. Designed to encourage parents and caregivers to explore beyond homework at the kitchen table, by offering tips, suggestions and mini at-home lessons. Barbara is happily wedded to her vocally and artistically talented soul-mate and shares a South Jersey home with their two children. Her strong appreciation for art and culture, as well as, a deep rooted respect for education has drawn her to share her philosophy of everyday learning and discovery with our local parental community. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Chrissy Soffer-MacCarrickChrissy Soffer-MacCarrick

Chrissy is a busy mom of 2 who lives at the Jersey Shore. She has been a member of the online community since 2007. A 2010 Nickelodeon Parents Connect Top Parenting Blog nominee, she shared stories about the trials & tribulations of being a household “CEO” on her blog. As an ambasssador for top brands, she saw how local businesses could use the web to market to their direct demographic, and began offering her services as a Social Media consultant to local businesses. Chrissy runs a hyperlocal Facebook group, and is a contributing writer for MeridianMomtourage, where she was chosen to Host/Moderate a live event with Bill Rancic {swoon!} last Spring. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Website    Facebook

Bay StaleyBay Staley

Bay Staley started blogging as a way to stay sane after the birth of her first child. While that goal may not have been reached, Bay has enjoyed the fun and varied experiences that come with being a social media mom. The South Jersey native enjoys freelance writing, genealogy research and chronicling her life’s foibles on her personal site, Queen Mother Blog. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Lauren B. StevensLauren B. Stevens

Lauren B. Stevens is a freelance writer, whose work can be found on The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, and Lauren’s personal essays are also published in two Anthologies: Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness and Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor. When she’s not wrangling her toddler, Lauren writes about parenting and women’s issues on her blog,

Email   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   LinkedIn   Google+

Emily StewartEmily Stewart

Emily is a mother of a 3 year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and Mixed Expressive Receptive Language Disorder. She is a Real estate assistant to her husband, Ryan Stewart “The Stewart Team” of Weichert Realtors – Washington Twp. She began writing her blog as a way to reflect on her crazy life and also to educate other parents of special needs children. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Jacqui Stewart

Jacqui Stewart is a Single Mama, Blogger, Freelance Writer and Social Media Consultant. Her main background is in Finance where she has been a Customer Service Representative in the Credit Card and Student Loan Industries. She started blogging a few years ago, while going to school full time, working full time and a single mother, she discovered a joy of writing and working with brands to help bring awareness to their products. After her divorce, Jacqui went back to college and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management in 2009. She is looking to use that knowledge in her next adventure of running her own start up business. She currently blogs at and Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

JoellevSweigartJoelle Sweigart

My name is Joelle and I am the creator and writer of My professional background is in marketing but I am now a New Jersey SAHM to two young boys and I LOVE it. My husband and I also own a Photography Business (Sweigart Photography). I am in charge of newborn shoots, second shooter for wedding, light assistance, and the business and design side of the business. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Karen SweitzerKaren Sweitzer

Karen Sweitzer is A Magical Mommy and the owner of Cape May County Moms. She is a busy mommy of 4 fantastic kids. She is a small business owner and social media consultant. She’s a cleaning and organizing specialist who believes everything should smell good, and finding the end of the laundry pile is like reaching the end of the rainbow. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Trish SzarkoTrish Szarko

Trish is a freelance journalist, yoga teacher-in-training, marathoner, and mother-to-be living in Philadelphia. She blogs about fitness, food, married life and motherhood. Email   Blog   Twitter   LinkedIn


Sandra TelepSandra Telep

“Sandra Telep is a West Philly Mama (not born and raised, but she does spend most of her days on the playground). She is a former professional activist turned stay-at-home-mom. Sandra is happily married to her best friend; they have a precocious toddler, pug and another on the way (baby, not pug). She blogs about her day to day life as a queer, Latina, feminist reclaiming family values at and tweets at @westphillymama. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

wandaWanda Thomas

Wanda Thomas is the owner of MadCris Images a boutique portrait studio whose main purpose is capturing your family today and creating tomorrows memories. My goal is to tell the story of your family while providing the best and most luxurious experience possible. Email    Blog   2nd Blog   Twitter

Michele Tremblay

I am an artist, entrepreneur mom who blogs about art, inspiration, flowers, family and life. I have one great lawyer husband and three totally awesome sons, one of whom designed the “salsabol” (check it out at and identical twin college soccer players. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

paris1Jamie Tripp Utitus

Jamie Tripp Utitus is a Multiple Sclerosis thriver and international MS blogger. She’s also the author of Zoe Bowie Sings, Despite All Sad Things, a children’s book about a young girl whose mother who almost simultaneously has baby and is diagnosed with MS. The book was a result of her dealings as Community Manager and Lead Blogger for communities like Real MS Voices and Unite MS. Ms. Tripp Utitus is also the author of the MS blog, turning book, Ugly Like Me. In addition to her projects with international social media MS communities, and as an author, she is also the owner of Twilight Social Media. But mostly, she’s just a wife and mother, a woman who talks to her plants, and a social media addict who happens to have MS. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Karla TrotmanKarla Trotman

Karla Trotman is a mother, wife, entrepreneur and consultant, all in that order. Born and raised in Ambler, Pennsylvania, Trotman is a third generation entrepreneur. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Business Logistics from Penn State University, she went on to work for some of the world’s biggest brands. After 10 years in the Supply Chain Logistics field, Trotman started her business, an online store that specializes in products of comfort and support for pre- and postnatal women. The boutique, which launched on 08/08/08, leveraged her logistics background as well as her knowledge of social media. Since then, Karla has been featured on: NBC 10! Show, NBC 10 News, People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog,, The CEO Mama and countless blogs. She also consults small businesses on how to use new and traditional media to grow their business. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Marissa Kiepert Truong, Ph.D.

Marissa is an educational psychologist who specializes in cognition and learning in children ages 3 and under. Her blog, Land of Once Upon a Time, chronicles her adventures with her daughter in learning through children’s books. Beyond that, she writes about simple methods that parents can use with their babies or toddlers to gain skills in early literacy, shares ideas for book-based crafts and activities, strategies for learning, book recommendations, and tips for fostering a love of books in children. Growing up her favorite book was Miss Nelson is Missing, but her “baby bookworm” shows a real fondness for the charismatic pig at the center of the Olivia series. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

lisaLisa V.

I am a mother raising two daughters with multiple food allergies. Additionally ,I have Celiac Disease and must follow a gluten free diet. Our family faces many challenges and triumphs living with food allergies and Celiac Disease. I started my blog called Label Reading Mommy to help other families facing similar challenges. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. I currently work part time in order to spend more time with my daughters. I enjoy writing, reading, walking, swimming, sewing, and spending time with my family. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

nancyNancy Vecchione

Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Linda VertliebLinda Vertlieb

Philly Girl born and bred. Mom. Firefighter’s Wife. Philly Blogger that’s about everything Cost & Family Friendly. Contributer to local TV. Philly Deals, Events, Tips, Reviews & Giveaways! Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Leah VidalLeah Vidal

Leah Vidal is the author of Red Circle Days, contributor to My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends, and writer at Little Miss Wordy. Her writing explores BIG lessons from life’s little moments…those that plant the thought provoking seed of self discovery. Leah is a 2014 BlogHer Voice Of The Year and Huffington Post contributor. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+   LinkedIn

Erica VollErica Voll

I rarely sleep. Partly due to the fact my toddler thinks my bed is HER bed, and partly due to the fact that I like to work. I’m a digital marketing strategist experienced in marketing, writing for the web, content strategy, social media management and engagement. I love working with video and words, and one day, I hope to get my bed back. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Sarah WagnerSarah Wagner

Sarah Wagner is the founder of USA Love List, a shopping & style website dedicated to celebrating the very best of American-made products. Inspired by a cross-country road trip, Sarah enjoys traveling with her family in their motorhome, seeing the country, and hunting for those three magic words: “Made in USA”. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Carly WalkoCarly Walko

Working in retail for 12 years, fashion has always been and continues to be, a huge part of my life. I started ThirtySomethingFashion in early 2010 after having my beautiful baby boy as I way to stay connected to my old self, while creating this new identity as a thirtysomething mama with a whole new set of priorities and responsibilities. Now with my second on the way….I blog about fashion, tips, trends, outfit ideas and inspirations to look great even through the chaos of motherhood. My very own personal shopping and styling business has blossomed from the blog and I am very fortunate to have a new thriving business and family. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter

Sandy WestonSandy Joy Weston

“What I really want is to make people feel better–fitness is just my vehicle!” – Sandy Weston Sandy Weston is the owner of Weston Fitness in Philadelphia. She is a motivational fitness enthusiast, dancer, wife, mother, goof-ball, and so much more! Email   Blog   Facebook

dawnDawn Elyse Warden-Reeder

Co-founder, The Whole Enchilada PR, the culinary division of The Warden Ettinger Group (we recently rebranded!), and the lead writer/editor of our copywriting division, The Word Exchange. Also the social media voice of @DamesdEscoffier. I also blog for Women on Business and am editor of Philadelphia Family. Mom of 5. Former senior and food editor of Main Line Today magazine. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Devon Weaver

A former special education teacher, Devon is now a full time blogger when she’s not chasing around her red headed punk, Lily Bean. Founder of MC Media Network, LLC, she operates three different blogs (Mama Cheaps, Teacher Cheaps and That’s Country Living) that focus on everything from frugal living and bargains to tales from her family’s many adventures. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

mirandaMiranda Wilson

Stay at home mom to two little superheroes (with one on the way) who blogs about life, going green, recipes, and throws in reviews and giveaways. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Whitney WingerdWhitney Wingerd / Mommies with Style

Whitney Wingerd is the founder of Mommies with Style, the online community for trendy Moms. Daily posts include style features, coupon codes, items for Mom and baby. Whitney is active in social media and has worked with dozens of brands such as Tide, Frigidaire, Kodak Gallery, Aveeno, 77Kids, Motts and many more. She lives outside of Philadelphia with her two boys, husband and cats. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Paige WolfPaige Wolf

Official blog for Paige Wolf and the book Spit That Out: The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt. Blogging about green guilt, eco-anxiety, and finding practical, reasonable ways to keep our families safe and healthy. Email   Website   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Michelle WolfsonMichelle Wolfson

Michelle is a Philly born, Jersey based freelance writer and blogger. She is the author of her personal blog, Mommy Confessions. She’s also a columnist for, and publisher of The Phillies Fan Daily. She is an expert time waster, avid sports fan, and lover of all things family. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

heather wrayHeather W.

Heather has been to Paris, Rome, London and all over America, but now she’s enjoying life locally with her family, and there is never a dull moment! is a blog about family friendly activities, kid’s crafts, recipes, health and anything else that makes life more fun for Moms everywhere. Email   Blog   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest

Lynette YoungLynette Young

Lynette Young has been helping professionals and companies thrive on social media platforms and digital publishing since 2006 when she founded her company Purple Stripe Productions. Her goal is to make the technology invisible to both her clients and their customers, instead focusing on an immersive brand and storytelling experience that moves the needle forward. Lynette is the founder and curator of Women of Google+ and is one of the most followed women in the world on Google+ with over 1.5 million followers. She strives to illustrate the unique and powerful voice women have online and work with companies that want to reach them. Email   Blog   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Carla Z.Carla Z.

Freelance writer, digital photographer, publicist, and sometimes community activist. Blog Website   Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest

Dana ZificsakDana Zificsak

Dana is a mom, travel agent and teacher. In her blog, Travel Deals by Dana, she keeps a travel journal of her vacations with her family as well as tips on how to plan and enjoy your vacations with little ones. A recent diagnosis of Celiac’s disease has inspired her to include gluten-free dining reviews and highlight gluten-free traveling. A self-proclaimed travel bargain hunter, she updates her readers, fans and followers with affordable travel options. Email   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest










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